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  • Amola Surya

How to prep for your bridal trial

I usually send an extensive email to my brides before their trial with all the greatest tips and tricks on how to prepare for their trial. Now I'm happy to share that here to anyone curious and thinking about setting one up with me. 1. Send makeup and hair inspo photos before the appointment. In a world with Pinterest and Instagram, there are so many inspirational photos that help you decide and communicate your vision with your artist on the look you want. Looking through photos also helps you really decide on what style you like and what you really want for your wedding day, resulting in a more successful trial. Even if you like only certain parts of a look, send those photos! I will be able to customize the look for you.

2. Come without any makeup or moisturizer with SPF. SPF causes flashback, so be sure to apply one without SPF. If you don't have one, come without it and we'll prep your skin properly.

3. Come with "second day" hair. Wash and blow dry your hair the day before with no flat ironing or products. "Second day" hair is grittier making it easier to style and lasts longer. Blow drying your hair will also give your style more volume than air drying. 4. Bring all of your accessories. For my American/Christian brides, that means the veil and hair accessories. For my South Asian brides, that means the tikka/matha patti, flowers for your hair, and the dupatta. 5. Speak up. There are so many more tips I can give, but this one is extremely important not just for the bride but for me as the artist! There will always be enough time at the end of your trial to make adjustments. You will always hear me say these exact words: "What would like changed, added, or adjusted?" This is your time to really tell me if you prefer another lip color, or if you want a stronger contour, etc. These things can easily be changed. There are so many more details and FAQs to share. Add your favorite tips below!

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