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  • Amola Surya

4 Tips for Your Bridal Look

1. Lengha/Sari Options

When choosing your lengha, consider wearing two dupattas instead of just one.

The main dupatta that drapes over your body can be heavy with elaborate beading and design. It may also have a thick border which is uncomfortable when draped over your head. Draping styles are also more limited with one dupatta. Pick a light-weight dupatta with a thin border to drape over your head for more comfort.

Can-can skirts under your lengha look absolutely beautiful, but you may want to take out one layer if you're having an Anand Karaj (Sikh ceremony) where you have to sit on the floor. Make sure to also try on your outfit from time-to-time, so everything fits nicely on the day-of.

If you're wearing a sari, consider a sari silhouette that shapes your body. If they offer the option, also consider having your artist/draper iron and pre-pleat the sari prior to the wedding to save time and make sure your pleats are neat and crisp.

2. Jewelry Options When you shop for jewelry, consider the type of set that will go with your outfit. Kundan sets tend to be more popular. Green jewelry also gives you a pop of color with red, white, and pink lenghas. It's also a trend to wear a choker and a longer necklace, but you can also wear just one for a more simple look. Also consider what will suit your features and body frame. Heavier jewelry can also overwhelm petite brides. When choosing your headpiece, consider the size of the mathapatti (three-strand) or tikka (one-strand). If you have a smaller forehead, an oversized headpiece can look imbalanced. Wear the jewelry, don't let it wear you! Also consider lighter nose rings or naaths. These can also be painful to wear if they're too heavy.

3. Makeup

Makeup all depends on your personal style. But also consider the location, weather, season, and your skin type. If you have oily skin, you will want to make sure your makeup will last as oily skin tends to "eat" makeup faster. A matte look (or at least matte tzone) will help you look less greasy. If your wedding is in the humid summer months and location, ask your makeup artist if airbrush is right for you--it tends to last longer for some skin types.

4. Hair

Wispy updos are more trendy now and not as outdated as tight, pulled-back styles. Your hair stylist should consider the shape of your head to make sure the volume and placement of hair suits you. Down hairstyles look great for mehndi/sangeet and reception events, but your hair can also get frizzy or lose curls much faster in humid weather unless your stylist uses proper products and techniques to tame it. Extensions are always a great idea in my opinion. Even if you have thick, long hair, they add that extra oomph for down hair styles. Make sure to invest in quality hair extensions that are real human hair and will blend in with your hair color. Also, think about if you want anything in your hair, such as hair pins/piece or flowers (real or fake). Usually, your decorator or florist can provide them for you. There are amazing hair pieces (combs, vines, etc.) you can get on Amazon, Etsy, etc.

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