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How much time does it take to complete bridal makeup and hair or hair and makeup on the wedding day?

It takes about three hours to complete a full South Asian bridal makeup and hair look (including any setting and draping), two hours for a Western/Christian ceremony look, and 45 minutes to complete makeup or hair for bridesmaids, mother-of-the bride, and mother-of-the-groom or any other family members. Upon signing a contract, Empowder will work with you to determine a schedule to ensure the getting-ready process is relaxing and goes smoothly with enough time for everyone to get ready.

Do you have a team for bridesmaids and family members?

Yes! I have a team of experienced and professional hair stylists and artists who can help get family members and bridesmaids ready as well. We can do hair, makeup, and draping. I can also work with you and your planner to make a schedule for your party to make sure everyone is ready on time. If you are having a South Asian ceremony and anticipate a large party that has to get ready early in the morning, then I usually recommend that I stay dedicated to the bride as it takes time to get ready. This way, you don't have to worry about delays or rushing to make sure you are done perfectly! We can determine this add on at the time of your inquiry or consultation call.

What do I need to do on a prepare on my wedding day?

  • Set up an area in front of a window with plenty of natural light, an electrical outlet, and a table for makeup. Set up a lower chair near an electrical outlet

  • Do not apply a facial moisturizer with SPF. Wear no makeup--have a completely bare face.

  • Wear a button-up shirt or robe

  • Avoid washing your hair on the day of. “Second day” hair works best. (If you do wash your hair, make sure your hair is completely dry and do not straighten your hair.)

  • Delegate any responsibilities or last minute logistics to family members, friends, or your wedding planner so we have the least amount of interruptions. The more we have to stop and answer texts, open the door, etc., the longer it will take to get ready.

When should I schedule a trial?

Trials can be scheduled at any time if you would like to do a trial before booking. However, scheduling a trial 2-3 months before your wedding may be best, since you may be more decided on the type of look(s) you want since most of your wedding details may be finalized by this time. 

What should I bring to the trial?

  • Photos of looks you want (from Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

  • Hair accessories, veil, etc. you will be wearing on your wedding day

  • Your blouse and dupatta for South Asian brides

Is there a travel fee? How far do you travel?

The travel fee will be determined at the consultation and indicated in the contract. Parking and toll fees will also be reimbursed.

I love to travel anywhere you are! Logistics for destination weddings or out-of-state weddings can be determined at the consultation. If your start time is early and long distance, I will require a hotel stay in the same hotel/venue as the bride.

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