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6 Tips on Finding a Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Indian Wedding

1. Research and reach out early

I usually book about 7-12 months in advance. Certain months or long weekends are busier than others, so start researching what artists you like in the area and ask about their availability, pricing, and reviews. You want to make sure you have some options and are not stressed last minute. This tip especially applies during the COVID pandemic as many 2020 brides already postponed and took 2021 dates.

2. Decide the the style you're going for

First figure out what your own style is and what look(s) you want for your wedding events. Do you prefer a more simple, natural style or heavier glam? Matte or dewy? Bold or neutral lips? Start looking at different artists' profile to get a sense of their style as well. While each MUA should have experience doing all kinds of looks, each artist is usually known for a specific style.

3. Determine your budget

Budgeting usually starts at the beginning of wedding planning. When you reach out to a few different MUAs, you'll get a sense of the range of pricing. Determine what fits in your budget. But remember, as in any purchase you make, it's always a good idea to invest in quality and value.

4. Ask about packages and services included South Asian or Indian MUAs always provide bridal packages per event. This also gives you an idea on the skills they have and what services they provide. Not all artists do hair, makeup, draping, dupatta setting, jewelry setting, and more. Also ask about trial, travel, early morning, extra artist, touch up, and any other fees.

5. Ask about products and brands used

Most professional artists have a range of different brands and types of products in their kit. While pricing is based on skill level and time, a part of it is also determined on how much makeup costs. There's nothing wrong with drugstore brands--I carry a few in my kit. But the quality of products should also fit what the MUA is charging. You also want to make sure the MUA won't use products that are heavily fragranced or will break you out if you know you're sensitive to these irritants.

6. Feel out the MUA's vibe/personality I think this is the most important tip I can give. There are many talented MUAs to choose from, but what it comes down to is their vibe--is it positive and upbeat? You may have stressful moments while wedding planning or during the actual events, so finding a makeup artist who has a positive personality and will stay calm will make things so much easier for you. You also want someone flexible enough to make any changes you need to your look. You don't want any added drama!

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